About us

A want for something great that extends past today.

We wanted to create a product to be proud of, that would become part of a home, that would perfectly integrate into the life of the everyday family.

As a family in Texas, our product had to be handmade in Texas.

In 2006, our family home was where our first product was produced. Wood was cut, frames built, padding cut and applied in our garage. Leather was marked and cut on the kitchen table, sewn in a corner of the bedroom. The living room was for upholstering, and where products were completed and ready for packaging.

After a lot of hard work, we reached customers and received surprising feedback!
Dedication to family and a new passion, created an amazing product.  A small warehouse in a Dallas suburb was the launch of our online shop and where our team grew!
The product had to be for families like ours, so affordable quality became the goal. To allow us to keep costs down but still provide a great product, we had to get creative. Every pattern marked and cut on a leather hide is done so with the highest yield, creating as little waste as possible. When the customer receives a product, it'll be in a box that was created just as the product was placed inside; all scrap carboard left over is used in packaging as well. You'll see repurposed carboard and unusable framing wood as inner package protection. 

Over the years, we've had growth opportunities that were evaluated very carefully. We feel that to ensure the integrity of each piece we produce and to keep costs as low as possible for the average American family, the products can not be mass produced in a large facility. Rather, carefully crafted with detail oriented eyes one piece at a time. Great attention to detail ensures a quality product reaches the hands of the customer. 

We craft products to be functional and pleasing to the eye for families like ours and yours, for years to come.


Complimenting our line.
After receiving numerous inquiries from customers, we finally decided to incorporate other products into our shop. Working with local designers, our team has curated items that compliment our product line, and are now available in our shop.
 Be on the lookout for the manufacturer of each product. Want to know if an item is handcrafted by our team? Just take a look at the manufacturer! If it reads For Now Designs, our team proudly produces that item here at our facility in Texas.